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Digitalitica is a full service social media marketing Agency in Lagos, Nigeria that helps businesses attract and convert customers on Social Media through result oriented, disruptive & viral social media marketing campaigns.

Social Media Ads can Drive Business Growth

Attract Your Target Audience at the Right Time on the Right Place

Hiring an experienced Social Media marketing agency allows you to get onboard with your campaigns almost immediately. You can see your campaign come to live within days or week and have our team launching the strategies.

We offer many marketing opportunities to businesses of all sizes, across different fields with the best costs for small, medium and big brands.
Hiring a social media marketing agency will allow you to focus on running your business, stay relevant in your industry, get measurable results and work with experts.

Why your business should use Social Media MARKETING?

Hiring a Social Media marketing firm will give you access to a team of specialists. Marketing can be a whole lot to process without a clear and effective strategy.  Hence to help your company perform at its best, you must plan properly use a well researched social media marketing strategy.

We will assist you to fully optimize social media marketing strategies such as Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, Snapchat Ads, dedicated graphic designers, branding experts, content writers and many more.

A good social media marketing agency can recommend the right activities to undergo tailored to your business, audience and Key Performance Indicators. We can also help you think outside the box, around it, over it, under it and to the side when it comes to communicating your product’s awesomeness. This will assist your brand to expand your business online and bring you more customers.

What Do We Offer?

DIGITALITICA is an outstanding Social Media marketing agency, producing customized social media services with a strategy that adjusts with your business requirements. We can be an extension of your team, a supporter that knows your business and aims.

We focus on customer relations and outcomes. And always give our utmost best to deliver realistic solutions, not fake and dreamy words. Trust in DIGITALITICA’s internet marketing services and let us help you make your business thrive.


Our social media marketing company has been partnering with a bunch of businesses to help them achieve their goals. During the years, we’ve given a set of affordable online marketing services to our customers and generated the following results:

Excellent online exposure

Social media marketing is a great online marketing platform that can support business. Popular platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and LinkedIn can boost online exposure and engagement with your business. With an active social media marketing strategy, you make your brand more social and let you interact and reach a large online community through images and videos.

Better Search Ranking

Search Engine like Google  and Bing offer other platforms that can assist you to generate traffic to your website and social media pages. Having your page optimized on YouTube search, Maps, Google News, social media accounts appearing on Google search will make it easy for customers to locate and reach out to you.

Specific Targeted Audience

Through detailed audience research, we were able to streamline the targeting to reach the right people, at the right location and age. Search Engines and Social media platforms have detailed and advance tools for audience targeting. This ensures we are reaching out to the right customers which can be analyzed through measurable data.

More Customer Reach

Businesses need to consistently reach new and existing audience, hence they may search for marketing agencies that can assist them to better position their brands and become easily accessible when they are searched for. The more audience a brand is able to reach, the more likely the audience are able to get engaged and convert


Increase Your Revenue Growth Rate & Gain Online Success!

Years of Experience:

We have 4+ Years Experience in using social marketing strategies. When deciding to hire a social media marketing agency, it is important you consider if they have successfully done projects that are similar to yours for other clients. The more solid their portfolio, the more trustworthy they are and will be likely to replicate same on your project


Hiring a social media marketing agency will be an extension of your team, you will be offloading key responsibilities to them, hence they have to actively keep you up-to-date with the latest development as it relates to your customers.


We use analytics tool to measure your marketing campaign. We provide weekly and monthly report on how your campaigns are performing. This enables us to understand your KPIs and have a focus on the most efficient strategies to focus on.


We offer an agreed-upon monthly fee which is flexible and cost-effective. Social Media marketing efforts need to be consistent in order to achieve steady growth. You can reach out to one of our experts for a quote.


We aim to be the best social media marketing company in the world! We know that social media management is a continuous process. Our social media marketing experts use advanced technologies to maintain your social media profiles driving management methods to satisfy your specific demands and audience interests.

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    How many leads per month should I anticipate?

    Ultimately, it all comes down to your budget and business’s nature.
    Once we have discussed, we can assess the number of possible leads.

    I've attempted social media advertising before, but it wasn't successful. What distinguishes yours?

    Our results are convincing for themselves.
    We’ve refined a tried-and-true approach that really works over the years.
    Also competent to carry out digital marketing initiatives is our team.

    How do I decide which digital marketing channels to use for my advertising?

    Your business’s nature, your goals, and—most importantly—the locations of your consumers all have an impact in this. For mos businesses, they usually start with Instagram or Facebook ads, Google and YouTube ads or Snapchat ads.

    How will performance be measured?

    Results of lead generation strategies are determined by the number and quality of leads generated.
    Metrics for social media marketing include audience growth and engagement levels.

    Should I combine social media ads with Google ads?

    Sure, you should, and if you have the needed capital, we advise doing that.
    One approach to attract clients is through social media marketing, but it’s not the only one.
    Experience has shown that multi-channel marketing produce better outcomes.

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